I like games of all kind, especially game shows. I enjoy playing them with a group of friends, or even with colleagues at work. I've developed playable versions of these games to fulfill that passion and to bring excitement and competition to game nights. I've coded and designed all of the elements in the samples below to make the experience authentic to that you see on television. Elements for these projects were created through the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, including Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator. 


I'm always taking out my smartphone to shoot pictures and video. I never want to miss a moment. Better yet, I like taking it a step further and immersing myself in the creative process from shooting, producing, directing, and editing features. Below are some projects I worked on for The News & Observer publishing company in Raleigh, NC. These videos were used to compliment content on the main website, with alternate versions edited down to serve as a preroll ad and for social media sharing. These projects were edited using Adobe Photoshop for the lower thirds, and Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects for final rendering. 

Videos below were created during my time at The Fort Worth Star-Telegram in Fort Worth, TX. I worked for the Excelerate Digital Agency where I created videos to serve as ads on our website and other marketing initiatives. These videos were primarily composed in Adobe After Effects due to the animation styles used.


In addition to my day-to-day work, I dedicate my time to some other projects. Check them out below. Clicking on each picture will send you to its respective website for you to learn more.

BuzzerBlog is THE place for any game show fan. We regularly hit over 250,000 unique visitors every year with our top views coming from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Readers of BuzzerBlog will find a variety of columns written by several other staff members. We report on breaking news in the game show/reality show world as well as offering insights to games of past, present, and future with columns and features. I joined the blog back in 2010 as a writer and podcaster. Since 2014 with a relaunch of the site, I became Editor-in-chief. My role is to make sure we are feeding the site with content, as well as engaging with our community across all of our social media platforms. 


The 24-Hour Game Show Marathon is an ongoing charity event that I put on with two of my friends, Christian Carrion and Cory Anotado. We love game shows and board games, and we felt that bringing those two together for charity would be an amazing experience. Each year, we play 24 different game shows in 24 hours with our family and friends, all to raise money for a good cause. Since we started our charity event back in 2011, we have raised well over $10,000 that has benefited such charities like the American Cancer Society, The Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and Child's Play. 

For our fourth year, I led the design for the logos and theme. My goal was to make it sleek, clean, and simple. I was also in charge of the technical setup for the event, including all audio and video elements. I made sure our live stream was stable and running at all times during the event, and handled any technical issues that may have arose. Every year, I assist in creating the software that's used to play during the marathon, as well as handling social media and marketing efforts leading up to the event, including throughout the duration of the broadcast.